Ensuring A Successful Website Redesign

Components of a website and online presence

When you’re looking to redesign your organization’s website, it’s easy to focus on the bells and whistles โ€“ the look and feel of the site โ€“ but don’t forget the need for a solid strategy and good writing. With website platforms changing so fast, you need to look beyond the tech and really think out what your website should do and how it should do it best.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind to ensure your website’s success:

  • 1 Clear goals Is it sales, customer service, brand recognition or App functionality?
  • 2 Bold graphics, images and video With more than half of users viewing your website on mobile, it needs to be very visual. Use infographics to replace text. Ensure it uses the full screen width. Use lots of whitespace
  • 3 Elegant user experience (UX) Don’t try and be tricky โ€“ users need a familiar interface and clear path to purchase or get the information they need
  • 4 Short, impactful text Use fewer words than on paper and 2-3 sentences per paragraph. Use buttons instead of inline links.
  • 5 Clear call(s) to action What do you want users to do? Leave the site? Call you? Request a quote? Provide 2-3 main calls to action and multiple paths to get there
  • 6 Adjust & update content Websites need to live and breathe. Change content and pages based on Analytics. Be mindful of “latest news” if you don’t have fresh content. Consider social media feeds to liven up the homepage and prevent content duplication.

Website Builder Expert has an excellent resource on the 7 essential steps to designing a website.

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