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The Importance of Proofreading

However great a writer we may be, we’re still only human. If you spend a lot of time writing something, you are the worst person to edit it. That’s why independent proofreading is so important. Making a mistake on a promotional brochure or ad, or worse, on a billboard, can affect your corporate reputation significantly. Potential customers will ask themselves,
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Social Media – Just Because?

If your organization needs to connect with consumers or the public, social media is a critical component of your outreach toolkit. It’s quick and relatively easy to push out and it’s the preferred method of communication for a large and growing demographic. But finding the right social media strategy is crucial. Just because Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google
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Ensuring A Successful Website Redesign

When you’re looking to redesign your organization’s website, it’s easy to focus on the bells and whistles – the look and feel of the site – but don’t forget the need for a solid strategy and good writing. With website platforms changing so fast, you need to look beyond the tech and really think out what your website should do