Video Production

Theatre set up watching video on laptopVideo has become the most influential communications tool for organizations and governments alike. But with limited time to engage your audience and high production quality expectations, video needs to be used strategically. Who are you trying to speak to, what’s your story and what’s your call to action? These are key questions in your video production. And oh yes, how much do you want to spend?

And once your video is produced, how can you best leverage it on your website, YouTube, Vimeo and social media to gain visibility and promote your message?

Nexus will develop a video production strategy that tells your story in a compelling way, on a budget you can afford.


Video services include the following:

  • Key message development
  • Storyboarding (i.e. the key timing and segments of your video )
  • Script writing
  • Talent hiring
  • Location scouting
  • Interview training
  • Graphics and animation production
  • Editing
  • Optimization and online posting



  • Non-Profit Website

    The Need: A dynamic website presence that provides educational resources and key member services in...

  • Small Business Website

    The Need: A high-impact website that showcases aerial videography and installation capabilities for movies and...

  • Data-Driven Website

    The Need: an interactive, user-friendly directory of Canadian infrastructure projects offering different levels of information...

  • Annual Conference

    The Need: Deliver the 25th anniversary conference, established as the largest, must-attend annual event of...

  • Corporate Marketing Materials

    The Need: Corporate identity, website and marketing materials to establish the brand and provide information...

  • Conference Video

    The Need: A high-energy conference highlights reel that can be used to market future events...

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