Social Media – Just Because?

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If your organization needs to connect with consumers or the public, social media is a critical component of your outreach toolkit. It’s quick and relatively easy to push out and it’s the preferred method of communication for a large and growing demographic.

But finding the right social media strategy is crucial. Just because Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google are all widely used, doesn’t mean they’re all right for your organization’s communications. With limited resources and the need to focus on where you get the most impact, find out where the majority of your stakeholders (or prospects) spend their time, and concentrate your efforts there.

And while social media thrives on constant updates, don’t let that get the better of you. A well-planned editorial calendar, quality engagement with users and taking advantage of re-posting or re-purposing content from other feeds, goes a long way to ensuring your social media strategy stays relevant and manageable.

How many times have you seen a Twitter account start out strong, only to wither as the content developer ran out of time or interest? You’re better off deleting your account, or developing a realistic, effective strategy that will make the most of your time and talent. Your followers will appreciate it and you will see your engagement improve.

Oh ya, and just because a famous tweeter uses his account to intimidate his detractors and bypass established media, doesn’t mean Twitter is the most effective tool for his engagement.

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