The Importance of Proofreading

However great a writer we may be, we’re still only human. If you spend a lot of time writing something, you are the worst person to edit it. That’s why independent proofreading is so important.

Making a mistake on a promotional brochure or ad, or worse, on a billboard, can affect your corporate reputation significantly. Potential customers will ask themselves, if you can’t spell something correctly, how does that reflect on the product or service you offer?

Typos and grammatical mistakes can easily sneak into your online and print content and the consequences could be dire.

In 2015, the UK government announced that Taylor and Sons was facing liquidation. The business they meant to list was Taylor and Son. The mix-up meant clients backed out of deals, suppliers cancelled contracts and creditors withdrew investment. As a result, Taylor and Sons did indeed face liquidation, took the government to court, and won £9 million in compensation.

Especially for writing that has had multiple revisions or multiple authors, like proposals or research, proofreading by an independent, experienced editor is crucial to ensure that the final draft is flawless. And a good editor will also check for inconsistencies or insider jargon that could jeopardize the effectiveness of your message.

And just because Microsoft Word has a pretty good spelling and grammar checker, doesn’t mean it’s smart enough to understand the unique context of your writing or industry. The machines haven’t beat us yet!

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